Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting ready for a short trip to visit with Tepmix and take in the Chicago scene ... so I'm taking in a little House music on the run-up, getting my headspace prepped ... I've been using MixCloud for this purpose since, surprisingly (to me), a number of tech house people have started following me ... maybe it's the "BeatConscious" name and if so, I hope no one is disappointed to find I'm spinning downtempo ... anyhow, I have a platter of prime House sets of all varieties to sample and I'm appreciating the slick mixing that's on offer.

Here's a great thing about MixCloud from my point of view ... pretty much everyone on there who is following is also uploading their own mixes ... so when I get a follow, a comment or a favorite, I have the option to listen in return to whatever the commentor has posted. There's that extra level involved when you can appreciate someone's judgment based on knowing something about their own aptitudes and tastes, as revealed in the sets they've created. Like anyone putting mixes out there for consideration, I value all my listeners, but I can't often know anything about you ... MixCloud offers me the chance to learn that extra little bit about my audience and thereby creates a feedback loop of epic possibilities.

I don't who these MixCloud makers are, but mad respect to them for this excellent resource! And if you stop by MixCloud to check out the latest on BeatConscious, please do leave a comment.

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